Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m nobody special,really. I’m just your typical housewife. I spend my days working from home (both actual work and blogging), usually on my living room floor, and taking care of the house (cooking and cleaning and planning out things).

I’m quite opinionated and have the mouth of a sailor (which most people frown upon, my favorite word when I’m frustrated or stressed happens to be ‘cunt’).

I share an apartment with my pretty amazing boyfriend, Andy, (you’ll read a lot about him and our life together), our friend, Doug (we call him our Pet Grandpa lol), and our bearded dragon, Athena.

I created this blog because, let’s be honest, like fucks us up sometimes and we need a way to rant and bitch about things. So this is my place. I’ll share my successes and my failures with you.

Maybe you’ll learn something from my stories, or maybe you’ll just laugh. Either way, I hope you find something you enjoy reading.

Feel free to share your own similar experiences in the comments or leave any advice you feel fits.

Now, go! Enjoy my crazy ass fucking blog!