Hey guys!!
The names Melissa [or MelissaDawnn, whichever you prefer].

I consider myself more of a “free blogger”, I’ll write about anything from food recipes, to cleaning, to just rambling about my emotions that day.

I love random road trips and vacations, though I’ve also found myself wanting to stay at home more. Although I like to be creative, I tend to start about fifteen projects at once and about half of them go unfinished [though not on purpose, the ADD tends to kick in bad sometimes].

I tend to be a loner sometimes, but then other days I’m the most outgoing, friendly person you’ll ever know. In the fall of 2016 I met an amazing man at a place I was working [he was hired a few months after me]. We became instant friends [he’s just as crazy, dorky, dark, and twisted as I am]. Though he tried for about a year to hook me, I kept rejecting him [I needed to get somethings in my life straightened out and I was in a relationship when we originally met]. However, the summer of 2017 I finally felt ready to give him a chance [and I’ve never been more happy with a life decision before]. We started dating in August 2017 and it’s been absolutely amazing, like something straight out of a fairy tale. Now we’ve become this amazing family of three with our first son, Junior, who we welcomed July 2,2018. Life is amazing 🙂

I strongly hate exercising, but I do love to be active and constantly doing something. I love animals [I have one brindle Pitbull and a Side-Neck Turtle], especially exotic pets [snakes, lizards, exotic fish, etc.].

I love to cook and eat. A good home cooked meal makes my heart happy! When the weather’s right, I love being on the beach or just driving with the windows down and the radio up. I’m a San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Cowboys fan, I support my teams whether they win or loose.

My life is random and really crazy at times, I love the unpredictability. Thanks for being a part of this wild ride with me.